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Screenshot Savi app in Unity

SAVI in Unity


Cars with autonomous feature are getting more common these days. News outlets and online blogs are loaded with opinions and predictions on this technologie. Everybody is working hard on developing this piece of tech. But are humans actually ready for this new technology ? According to an AAA ( 2018, 18 Mei ) questionary millennials are not ready. I try to help these young professionals with their autonomous driving fear using an AR app.

The app “magically “ projects and autonomous car over a toy car on the users screen. Once the autonomous car has emerged the user can interact with the car. While playing with the car the user gets informed about the safety features and technology behind the autonomous car.

With this app I want to inform the millennials about autonomous cars and give them the knowledge to draw their own conclusions when they read yet another negative news article.

Storyboard for the SAVI AR app

Storyboard for the SAVI AR app

Users and audience

My main audience are millennials ( Generation Y ). Millennia’s are born between 1980 and 2000. Their common trademark is how easy it is to persuade them. One negative news item can change their view easier than a hundred positive items.


I worked on this project under supervision of Arthur van Schravendijk. Every week I reported to Arthur the results of last weeks questions and development.

Design process

I started out by analysing the behaviour of millennials by interviewing a few. Once I got a clear view of the situation I made a value proposition canvas. In this canvas I take the gains and pains for the millennials and turn the gains in even beter gains and the pains into gains. This gave me a clear perspective of the problem and was I able to form a possible solution.

Value proposition canvas - Savi

Value proposition canvas

The first prototype I made was an AR application in Unity. When the user pointed their camera to a car, an autonomous car appeared on the screen and the user could interact with the onscreen car. This was a cool prototype but was developed for the wrong environment and setting. To enable each millennial to use the app I developed a second prototype.

The app now recognises toy cars and projects an autonomous car over the toy. When the user interacts with the toy or on screen information is shown about the autonomous cars technology.

Screenshot Savi app in Unity

SAVI in Unity


The app was well received by Arthur and other millennials. In the video is shown how the app projects information and a car. The users simply interacts with buttons and real life motions.

Technical aspects

The app uses Vuforia within Unity. I model a Tesla model S and animated a few animations.

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