Blue Agency

Blue Agency is a web design company specialised in mobile user experiences.

screenshot StaffTraveler website desktop

StaffTraveler desktop


Blue Agency wanted a website that converted. Each section should be informative and leading a purpose while still being recognisable for the consistency of the brand. Blue Agency has an elegant brand design. The website should incorporate this style and reflect high value to the users.

Users and audience

The main audience for Blue Agency are business owners who like to post regulair photo’s or are active on social media. Blue Agency offers this audience a custom website with integrated social media solutions.

This audience is known for their fast decisions and active problem solving solutions. Therefore I wanted to design the website to be quickly accessible and easily navigable.

Design process

Normally I would start sketching with a pen and paper but I wanted to try something else and started sketching in sketch. The first prototype I made was a clean looking website with a few persuasion principles.

First Blue Agency sketch.

First sketch

The second prototype included a lot more colour and felt more professional.

Second Blue Agency sketch.

Second sketch



While prototyping I discovered a frustrating “feature” while browsing on safari.

When a user browses a website with a tab bar or a navigation bar located on the bottom of the screen and scrolls downwards, safari goes into fullscreen mode and the safari action bar on the bottom fades down. Unfortunately this action bar can still be triggered by tapping around the bottom. This is a 40 pixels height invisible box that triggers the action bar.

If a website has a tab bar or a navigation bar located on the bottom this corresponds with the trigger box for the safari action bar. To fix this issue, I implemented a JavaScript that transforms the navigation bar 40 pixels higher. This is a simple yet elegant fix for this safari issue.


Blue Agency really liked the website and is currently writing texts for it. The website is well designed and Blue Agency is confident it will convert once online.

Final Blue Agency website.

Final Blue Agency website

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